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Southern Sky Pools understands what it takes to give great service to our clients in order to maintain beautiful pools. As a fully certified and insured Class A contractor, Southern Sky Pools can design and install every part of your project. We aren’t your average pool company. Our client satisfaction is our top priority. 

We supply all maintenance and pool supplies for our clients when we’re hired to maintain their pool or hot tub. You don’t have to worry about what to buy, or how much to use when it comes to pool chemicals and other things. We handle all that for you so you can just relax in your clean, well-cared-for pool. Call us or visit us today so we can get your needs taken care of.

Our pool maintenance programs are designed to provide you with the peace of mind that your pool is being cared for safely and responsibly. They handle everything from pool opening and shutting to keeping the proper chemical balance in your pool water to periodic equipment maintenance and repair as needed. We encourage you to be a part of our pool care program because it will keep you from running to many problems associated with caring for a pool when you don’t really have any experience doing so. When you allow us to assist you with your pool maintenance and other needs, you guarantee it’s done right every time which will extend the life of your pool.

Southern Sky Pools professionals can assist you with any of your backyard tasks.


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We have fully-trained and experienced technicians standing by to give you excellent service so you can make the most of your pool or hot tub. Allow a professional to look after your swimming pool, you won’t regret it.

Installing new pool equipment can be difficult for a homeowner. Southern Sky Pools specialists can easily install any mechanical, structural, electrical, or plumbing equipment needed to get your pool up and running.


Hire a licensed and insured business with years of expertise in installing pool equipment like motors, pumps, heaters, controls, timers, filters, cleaners, salt systems, lighting and detect and repair leaks and other issues.

We are happy to customize a pool care and maintenance package for you and your family. Reach out and let’s discuss what you need. Get your FREE quote today.