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Pool & Spa Financing

With the cost of material for our pools on the constant rise people may find it easier to be able to get a pool with the option of financing, Luckily enough our company is very fortunate to have a wonderful company who we get to work with who have great payments and payment plans and MORE! 

Customers need to have a quote written up with an amount to present in the application. Once we have an amount you can go online or come in the store to fill the application out, the finance company them selves do not require a down payment however Southern Sky Pools does require customers to put a down payment when signing our contract, the amount for the down payment will be determined by the amount the customers is being financed for. 


Our finance company offers 9.9% or 10% interest rates

Finance terms anywhere from 12 months up to 140 months. 

With the longer terms the smaller the payment BONUS part is you can pay off at any point with absolutely NO PENALTIES. 

They also run a promotion First payment is not due for 90 days after the pool is complete and customer signs off on paper that our work is finished!

There is a fee for processing the application once customer agrees and signs paper work, this fee differs.

Estimated Monthly payments starting out at estimated $70.00 a month.

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